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Ben Nadel – An Initiator

I had the opportunity last month to nominate someone who I thought was an “Initiator” –  someone who has poked, initiated, or done something remarkable. As I thought about people who have affected a large group of people through his/her actions, one person came to mind: Ben Nadel, a software engineer that is more than a coder – he is a personality that brings together a community.

This opportunity was presented by The Domino Project, which was started by Seth Godin in conjunction with Amazon to redefine the fundamental way that books are published. They started a quest for  examples of passionate self-starters who regularly go above and beyond to make a difference by doing. This was done to celebrate the release of Seth’s first book published through The Domino Project called, Poke the Box.

They asked for nominations and got over 200 submissions. They culled them down to a small list that everyone got to vote on. The winners of the voting were to have their stories published in a free book called Tales of the Revolution.

And guess what? Ben won! His story was selected from the many and has now been published! Congratulations, Ben!

If you have a Kindle, you can download the book for free here. If you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon has a Kindle reader for almost any device that you can use to read the story.

Please help me in congratulating Ben for the recognition of his outstanding work to “create a ruckus”. Also, please tell everyone about this so that they can all read the wonderful things that Ben does to deserve this credit.

You can read a full description of what I submitted by downloading this PDF document: 2011-04-BenNadel-ProjectDomino.

Keep doing the great things you do, Ben, and congratulations on being published in a business book!

Edit 04/22/11: Ben has added a blog entry about his inclusion in the book.

Did You Have Your Grit this Morning?

Grit – it is such a cool word. It sounds tough and “roll-up-the-sleeves” productive. It has harsh-sounding letters, is short and tough.

Do you have grit? Do you work for a grade or work to learn? It all comes down to why you do things: for someone else or for your own reasons.

Heidi Grant Halvorson points out the Nine Things Successful People Do Differently. The hardest part about persistence is that it is usually not convenient – when you need grit, it is not timely. But that is why your persistence can make you a successful person. How many of them can you relate to?

I find that it is helpful to review lists like this, especially when the times get tough and I need to call on some additional grit to get through my day.

Do you have lists that you use? Add a comment so that others can learn. I will continue to compile a list of the ways that people continue to get things done, or in the words of Larry the Cable Guy, Git-R-Done!